About Booking

How to Book?

Important! Before start the booking/order, you have to Login or Register to get the username/password 

You may change currency here before transaction

1. Search hotel/destination; check in & out date, total persons

Sample :

  1. Type country, area or name of hotel in menu 'Where do you want to go?' menu.
  2. Type 'Check-in' : 24 Jun 2016 or other date; 'Check out : 25 Jun 2016 or other date
  3. 'Search now!'

You may find for other prices/meal plan:


2. To start the booking/order, please choose hotel you want to book and 


3. Please choose 'Checkout' for next step: 


4. Please input details of Names, Contact etc and confirm the booking conditions then ‘Save’

Please  Continue to process the next step :
After everything is in order, please continue to process the booking/order: 

5. Your booking/order succesfully created

On the same time, please check your email for written confirmation:




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